Generative AI in Healthcare Administration and Operations

It’s estimated that about 25% of this $4 trillion is due to administration, which means that we spend $1 trillion a year on paperwork. It’s no wonder that healthcare is now the number one employer, passing retail as of 2017 with 17 million jobs. A typical medical clinic or health system has to deal with […]

Generative AI and Clinical Decision Support

In a conversation with Kang Zhang, MD, one of the pioneers in the applications of healthcare AI, he mentioned to me about the amazing potential of generative AI to be a game changers in healthcare. Dr. Zhang has done some of the most pioneering studies in this space and has been face to face with […]

Generative AI in Medical Affairs and Commercial Groups

As with clinical trials, regulatory submissions, pharmacovigilance, communicating with providers and patients, and monitoring social media for adverse events of drugs involves a large amount of information in the form of narratives. Large language models represent a quantum leap in the capabilities of NLP in analyzing and understanding unstructured information. This means good news for […]

Generative AI in Clinical Trials

Once you find a promising drug or device, you need to take it through trials. This is another long and complicated process. We need to make sure that these products are safe and effective before they’re prescribed to large numbers of people. So many things about this process are difficult: deciding which patient population would […]

Generative AI in Drug Discovery

I view the applications of AI in unlocking key insights about what goes on in our bodies, what causes diseases, and discovering or designing new treatments one of the most promising areas for AI to make an impact in healthcare. There is so much data to analyze to figure out what is really going on […]

Will Generative AI solve the slow adoption of AI in healthcare?

When ChatGPT impressed everyone with its ability to understand plain English questions and appropriately respond, it marked a new milestone in the development of artificial intelligence tools that can actually improve our lives. The idea of an on-demand advisor that can sit on top of all of the knowledge in human history to date and […]

Is Health AI Regulation Headed in the Wrong Direction?

Late last year, president Biden signed a bill that aimed to take a robust step toward regulating the runaway train of AI. The concern around AI has been that if not appropriately safe-guarded, there could be severe consequences for society. From deep fakes to robocalls with voices of famous people, it is clear that AI […]

Payers and AI

According to a study by Accenture, AI could significantly improve operations and boost the health payer bottom line.One way to accomplish this is by automating processes across billing, customer service, claims, enrollment and quality and compliance. The report concludes that automating functions could generate $1.5 million in operating income for every hundred employees at payers. […]

Why is Healthcare More Expensive in US?

The United States spends a huge amount on healthcare, more than any other country both in total and per capita. However, all of that money doesn’t buy better outcomes than other developed nations. So where does the money go? You won’t be surprised to know that there’s been a lot of research into exactly that. […]

AI in Hospital Operations

AI can be instrumental in helping hospitals to boost decision-making by using quantifiable metrics to assess the quality of healthcare. As with medical practices, robotic process automation plays a key role in streamlining hospital operations. We mentioned Olive earlier in the context of billing and coding for medical practices. Their use of robotic process automation, […]